Monday, February 10, 2020

Argumentative Thesis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Argumentative Thesis - Essay Example Since skin grafts are also treated as external bodies, it appropriately also gives an insight into how the patient’s body may treat an allograft and an autograft and why the treatment is different. In ACL surgeries allografts are considered as foreign tissues while autograft are not hence the former needs a greater length of time to be incorporated when compared to the latter which makes autografts the better choice owing to early and safe incorporation thus this served as a strong support point for my thesis statement. This article discusses the problems that a sportsperson faces after an ACL injury and surgery. It mostly looks into the trauma faced by sports people who have been victim to some sort of field injury. The article correctly identifies the reasons behind the need of quick recovery for such people. The content helped me conclude that the surgery opted for must be such that the recovery time is minimal but it should also help the person return to the game. The goal of my thesis was to prove why autografts are a better option. Most ACL problems are linked to physically active people, so it becomes really necessary that the tissue chosen for surgery (autograft/allograft) has to help the patient return back to their normal lives as soon as possible since most sportspeople depend on the sports for their livelihood. From this source I learnt how ACL tearing occurs and how it affects the patient. For my thesis understanding the reason behind an ACL injury and the aftereffect was beneficial and crucial because then it becomes easier to understand the expectations from an ACL reconstruction and select the appropriate graft tissue. This article talks about the kinds of tissue grafts, organ grafts and immunity of the body in detail. It states the difference between cadaveric grafts and own tissue grafts and the various pros and cons involved. The article also discusses the effect of graft surgeries on the human

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